NewsWyze is a collaborative effort comprising interdisciplinary affiliates of Columbia University, hailing from both journalism and engineering schools. United by the conviction that a robust and impartial media forms the bedrock of a thriving democracy, our objective is to elevate the business model for media enterprises by integrating technical innovations.

Ali Tehrani

Ali is a committed professional who investigates the meaningful fusion of natural language processing and journalism. Holding a Master's in Data Journalism from Columbia University, he champions technological innovation as vital for maintaining a fair and autonomous media realm and fostering resilient business structures. For the last five years, he has been deeply involved in anti-censorship technologies, driven by a mission to empower journalists and varied global news entities.

Denise Ajiri-Hirshman

Denise is an accomplished figure at the crossroads of data technology and journalism, with over a decade of experience. She's renowned for her work as a data and investigative journalist, focused on exposing wrongdoing through meticulous analysis. Denise holds a degree from Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism, where she also teaches. Her accolades include the Online News Association’s MJ Bear Fellowship and Award, and she remains an active committee member.