NewsWyze is an AI Startup with a mission of creating sustainable business models for the media through technical innovations.


NewsWyze consists of a team of Columbia University affiliates from the journalism and engineering schools who believe that a fair and independent media is the backbone of a healthy democracy. Our aim is to improve the business model for media companies through technical innovations.

our Team

Ali Tehrani

Ali is an avid experimenter in the transformative applications of natural language processing in journalism. He firmly believes that technological innovation plays a crucial role in sustaining a fair and independent media landscape by creating a resilient business model for media. Ali’s academic journey has taken him across borders, studying statistics and digital media in Iran, Sweden, and the United States. Holding a Master of Arts in Data Journalism from Columbia University, he merged his background in statistics with journalistic expertise. Dedicated to empowering journalists and news organizations from diverse countries and cultures, Ali has spent the past five years working in the field of anti-censorship technologies. 

Denise Ajiri

Denise is an award-winning journalist based in New York. Her work focuses on exposing wrongdoing through investigative journalism and data analysis. She has published in major news outlets including The Guardian, Al Jazeera, France24 and The Christian Science Monitor. Denise has contributed to groundbreaking investigative collaborations, including the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism (ICIJ). Denise holds a bachelor’s degree from Iran’s flagship Tehran University and a Master’s from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism. Denise is a winner of the Online News Association’s MJ Bear Fellowship and continues to serve on its committee. She has been working at the nexus of data technology and journalism for more than a decade.


Technical innovations and AI-assisted reporting are the way to save the media. We are determined to make our tools available for newsrooms of any size. Our technical and AI solutions will revive the media business and help the industry expand its reach. Through our solutions, newsrooms will be able to lower their costs and save time, while focusing their resources, extending their coverage and tailoring the content for their audiences.


Gist summarizes articles into a few paragraphs. It is simple, practical and time-saving. Gist is a proof of concept for AI-assisted journalism. This model can help newsrooms in two ways: Expanding news outlets’ reporting through a budget-friendly AI-assisted reporting, and increasing the number of news outlets’ customers by tailoring the reports based on readers’ preferences through AI-assisted summarization. If you would like to try Gist or want to help a team of journalists and engineers improve the journalism business model, feel free to get in touch.